What I’m Loving Wednesday

Well since I failed to mention that yesterdays date, 11-12-13 was monumental (not that it really meant anything to me) it was quite the big deal for plenty of brides looking for that “perfect wedding date”. Yes I am a person who has a thing for numbers and some numbers I just, eh, don’t like. Like 23 for example. I HATE the fact that I’m currently 23 solely because I just don’t like the number. Why? Who knows. I guess I’m more of an even number person, I like 2’s and 4’s and stuff like that. I prefer telling people instead of age 23, that I’m 1 year from 24 because 24 just sounds like a good age, a good number that’s got some good things going for it. Secrets out. I’m as weird as you thought!

Today’s post is coming late. I’ve been running around (wooo I ran a 10k on the treadmill today! How? well I was running out some anxiety and watching my morning talk shows. Makes things a bit easier when trash tv is on!) I had some things to prepare for, chores, etc. So let’s jump right in. It was hard to narrow my favs down today but I hope you can relate to why I’m loving it alllllll!


Well pack me up and ship me to Melbourne! Bluetrain has earned the coveted title of “Melbourne’s Meeting Place” and rightfully so since Studio Equator Architects transformed the space with its aesthetic energy and quirky finishes. 

Fashion I’m shopping for

Some liquid leather/faux leggings… and I’m dying over those oxblood pumps! Piperlime has some great and affordable options for both!

Nordstrom “Kaila” booty for the win!

And because I’m on a “black kick”, this Express jacket is perfect!

Something funny


Inspiration I’m always needing…

THIS IS NEEDED IN MY HEAD EVERYDAY. Thanks for the life struggles, twenties. I’m pushing through.

Recipe I’m going to make

Cucumber Noodles with Coconut Cumin Lime Dressing… Looks like an interesting raw recipe to try, followed by these of course

Holy YUM. I love small soft pretzel bites. MAKE THESE NOW Easy Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzel Bites

Workin’ out

Imagine how productive you could be at this desk! Kickstarter Campaign is on the right track y’all and I’m diggin’ it!

We made it through our half week and I am so thankful for that! I’m hopeful for the positive things that Thursday and Friday and THE WEEKEND will bring! Thanks for loving your Wednesday [night] with me!